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BOSTER, acronym of italian words "Bosco" (forest) and "Territorio" (territory) is the biggest Italian outdoor international event focused on the enhancement of forest resources and the sustainable management of the mountain territory.

The trade show is developed long a visitors’ track that displays, throughout  wide glade out at the woods, forestry machinery in live operations, all the products and services of the wood production chain, and demonstrations of forestry safety materials and techniques.

The fair is aimed at technical and professional consumers of the products and services (including hobbies) of the wood chain, as well as private clients interested in the topics treated by the event:

agro-forestry sector;

management and maintenance of the mountain territory;

forest fire-fighting and safe working devices;

renewable energy technologies for the mountain territory (wood biomass plants, PV, wind and water power also for off-grid solutions);

eco-building in wood;

certification systems for wooden products (chain of custody)

BOSTER, thanks to its rich program of meetings, workshops and demonstrations recalls also the research, specialized journalism, professional and school training worlds.


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